Source Code Licence

When you purchase the source code you are indicating that you have accepted this agreement.

 CartoVCL™Source Code Purchase Agreement   

1.  Definitions: 

1.1.    “The source code” – refers to the source code to CartoVCL™ Pro

1.2.    “The Purchaser” – refers to the individual or entity that purchases this source code.

1.3.    “The Developer” – refers to the developer of CartoVCL™ Pro Software components.

2.  The Purchaser agrees:

2.1.    To treat the source code as confidential information. All rights, title and interests in the source code remain vested in the Developer.

2.2.    To protect the source code, source copies and any documentation from unauthorized use, reproduction and / or distribution.

2.3.    That The Developer shall not be required to maintain or support the source code in any way.

2.4.    Not to distribute any of the source code, either in its original form or as part of any derived software that constitutes a software library and / or software development toolkit that could be used in lieu of CartoVCL™.

2.5.    Not to use the source code in any way so as to develop a competitive product to CartoVCL™.

2.6.    And acknowledges that The Developer has sole discretion whether to make available further updates and / or upgrades to the source code. In the event that The Developer does make further source code available, this may be subject to additional fees.

2.7.    That terms and conditions as set out in the CartoVCL™ Software license agreement extend and apply to the use of the source code as per this agreement. For reference purposes this License Agreement is annexed to the end of this agreement.

3.  The Developer agrees upon receipt of payment of the agreed fee:

3.1.    to provide the applicable source code to The Purchaser to enable The Purchaser to use the source in his or her own products without paying additional royalty fees to The Developer;

3.2.    to permit The Purchaser to make modifications to the source code for its own internal use. The Purchaser agrees that The Developer cannot maintain or guarantee these modifications.

3.3.    to permit The Purchaser to make copies of the source code for backup and / or archival purposes.

4.  Jurisdiction 

4.1.    This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with international copyright laws. If either party employs attorneys to enforce any rights arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees.

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