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A Powerful Mapping SDK

The Delphi® developer's alternative to expensive GIS components


Are Mapping / GIS SDKs too expensive for you?

Then look no further.

CartoVCL™ Pro is affordable, easy to use, robust, royalty-free Delphi® mapping VCL SDK.

Why spend thousands of $ on expensive components? 

“It does everything we need, excellent product. Congratulation!”  – Thomas

Built with Delphi® – Built for Speed!

CartoVCL™ is available for Delphi® 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, Delphi® 10

CartoVCL™ seamlessly compiles into the Delphi® generated .EXE Object oriented in design

“The Carto VCL components are very good and simple to implement. I tried to evaluate a few other similar products but they are not as good as CartoVCL”. – Gopi.

Rich Spatial Analysis Capability

Generate Voronoi diagrams Analyse with Buffering Perform objection selection with functions such as

  • SelectWithinRect – Selects all objects intersecting a rectangle
  • SelectWithinCirc – Selects all objects intersecting a circle
  • SelectWithinPoly – Selects all objects intersecting a polygon
  • SelectWithin – Selects all objects intersecting an arbitrary shape
  • SelectIntersect – Selects all objects intersecting an arbitrary shape
  • CheckForObject – Returns map feature at a certain location
  • PointInObject – Determines if a point lies within a shape
  • DistSqrFrom – Calculates the distance to a shape

Raster Support

CartoVCL™ now supports large raster files – up to 2 GB. Packaged sample applications demonstrate how to convert MrSid for use in CartoVCL™. Support for raster image linking in Mapinfo TAB files.

Feature Rich

Generate Chloropeth thematics Utilise the in-built legend object Automatic text labelling Unique to CartoVCL™ – stop unauthorised copying of your mapping data through password protection. Royalty free! Free upgrades for a year Source code available Database independence – no .dbf limitations

“Thanks to the good code at the heart of CartoVCL and the good examples from [the support team]. I got where I wanted to reach and beyond, in spite of a heavy year of work.” – Allesandro

File Format Support

CartoVCL™ supports the main GIS / Mapping exchange formats:

  • ESRI shape files
  • MapInfo Mif/Mid

“First of all we would like to say that are very pleased with component, we have been able implement most of our ideas of a general GIS tool. Besides that, the support after the ‘new’ CartoVCL was delivered has been excellent.” – Anon


RouteWare, our partner, provides RWNet Carto which specializes in shortest path algorithms.
Visit for more information.

CartoMAP Source Code

CartoMAP™ is our easy to use, desktop mapping software. RADically boost your development by obtaining the Delphi® source code to this powerful software.

CartoMAP™ was built with Delphi® and CartoVCL™ and will demonstrate the power of CartoVCL™. Grab your free copy of CartoMAP™ when you download a trial version of our powerful Delphi® VCL mapping components.

“CartoVCL has provided us with great technical support and an extremely high quality product that meet all of our requirements! We use of a very intensive routing algorithm taking advantage of city maps in our dispatching and scheduling software. It could not have been done without the great tool your company has provided.” – Scott


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Download a trial version and get a free copy of our desktop mapping software.

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