We love Delphi

and we love GIS

so we created CartoVCL

- developed since Delphi 1!

CartoVCL™ Pro is an affordable, easy to use, robust, royalty-free Delphi mapping SDK



CartoVCL links seamlessly with all reputable database systems with the speed that Delphi is renowned for.


CartoVCL is affordable compared to many similar products. We have included some free software too!


We have been designing for Delphi since 1995. That is since Delphi 1!

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 No runtime needed!

 Free upgrades for a year!

Why Choose CartoVCL?

  1. Versatile

    Use CartoVCL to develop applications for Surveying, Farm Planning, Market Research, CAD Systems, Feasibility Studies, Water Distribution Management Systems, Automatic Vehicle Location, Property Valuation, and more.
  2. Support

    We take product support seriously


  1. Styles

    Display line styles, polygon shading styles, point styles/custom bmp points.

  1. The Basics

    Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan and Selector functions. CartoVCL™ supports...

Free Bonus

  1. Routing Components Included

    RouteWare, our partner, provides RWNet Carto which specializes in shortest path algorithms. Visit for more information. Note: This software is compatible with...

Select the Option that is Best for You

Pro Bundle

  • $197
  • CartoVCL™ Pro 7.7
  • PLUS
  • RWNet Carto - Free Bonus! *
*See Routeware for more info.

'Pro plus One' Bundle

  • $497
  • Pro Bundle
    • PLUS
  • Delphi source code to Carto MAP Editor


Complete Bundle

  • $997
  • Pro Bundle
  • PLUS
  • Delphi source code to Carto MAP Editor
  • PLUS
  • Delphi source code to CartoVCL™ Pro 7.7
  • Buy online

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Built with and for DELPHI

CartoVCL now supports up to Delphi 10!


The Carto VCL components are very good and simple to implement. I tried to evaluate a few other similar products but they are not as good as CartoVCL

- Gopi

First of all we would like to say that are very pleased with component, we have been able implement most of our ideas of a general GIS tool. Besides that, the support after the 'new' CartoVCL was delivered has been excellent.

- Anon

... it does everything we need, excellent product. Congratulation! :)

- Thomas

Thanks to the good code at the heart of CartoVCL and the good examples from [the support team]. I got where I wanted to reach and beyond, in spite of a heavy year of work.

- Alessandro

CartoVCL has provided us with great technical support and an extremely high quality product that meet all of our requirements! We use of a very intensive routing algorithm taking advantage of city maps in our dispatching and scheduling software. It could not have been done without the great tool your company has provided.

- Scott

Built on the speed that Delphi is famous for

CartoVCL Map Editor

Provided free with your purchase of CartoVCL Pro
  • CartoVCL Map Editor was built with CartoVCL Pro and Delphi Demonstrates the capability of the CartoVCL components
  • Enables you to import and modify maps data in from various sources - e.g. ArcView shape, MapInfo MIF /MID
  • Acquire the source code to CartoVCL Map Editor and boost your programming RAD!
  • Try CartoVCL Pro 7.7


    Version 7.73 (28 January 2015)
    90 Day Guarantee